WriteSpark - Janice King

When you have a new high tech product to launch …

new markets to reach …

new ways to engage customers ...

You need clear and compelling sales materials for your technology.

You need a highly skilled marketing copywriter who can handle highly technical content.

You need Janice King

… a technical marketing writer who produces clear and compelling sales brochures, white papers, case studies, Web content, blog and social media content, and more.

Why Choose Janice King?

As a marcom or PR professional, you know how hard it can be to find a freelance writer who communicates effectively with your engineers . . . and your customers . . . especially for highly technical subject matter.

Called “one of the top technical copywriters in the country,” Janice brings distinct advantages to your marketing communication and public relations projects.

Your target audiences will enjoy reading clear and compelling sales materials. For example, as a white paper writer, Janice King translates technical jargon into understandable text that addresses the real needs and concerns of your prospects.

Your customers, product managers and engineers will enjoy talking with her. Janice's solid subject-matter knowledge and professional interpersonal skills enable more effective interviews and working relationships with your experts.

Your promotional communications will be more effective. Janice King knows how to engage sales leads and customers with marketing content that is relevant to the unique concerns of business and technical decision-makers.

Your job will be easier with on-time, on-target drafts that shorten review cycles. Gain efficiencies from Janice's project management skills and ability to repurpose content across multiple media.

Learn More About Janice King's Technical Writing Services . . .

Read on to learn about the technology clients who have benefited from Janice King's proven technical copywriting services. Can't wait to start? Contact Janice now: email or 425/391-1886.

“You have helped me produce lively, easy-to-understand collateral for otherwise dry, dull and complicated products. I appreciate your thoroughness, timeliness and thoughtfulness.”

Judith Myers,
Public Relations Specialist,